Corrosion Intercept®

Optimal corrosion & tarnish protection for short and long term.

Corrosion Intercept zipper bag

CI works by reacting with and permanently neutralizing corrosive gases, both inside and outside the containment, and will last 3-15 Years depending on material style, gauge, and the aggresiveness of the environment, though temperature will not affect its ability. CI also acts as both a fungus and a bacteria inhibitor. All this and yet Corrosion Intercept® does not use volatile chemicals and does not leave deposits on products. In fact as #4 plastic, CI is fully recyclable and even breaks down to polymer dust in a landfill which, along with its reusability, means its carbon footprint is low.

CI can protect:

  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Tin
  • Brass
  • Magnesium
  • Ferrous Metals (Iron and Steel)
  • Galvanic Couples (when in intimate contact)
  • Organics
  • Other non-metals
Corrosion Intercept is perfect for protecting priceless items
Corrosion Intercept Zipper bags are perfect for protecting priceless coins and valuables

Corrosion Intercept® is perfect for light industrial application, museum, archival, and retail applications. CI is nonvolatile, clean and safe protection.

Corrosion Intercept® is an opaque polyethylene or polystyrene packaging material or a coating substrate. Corrosion Intercept® changes color as its corrosion protection abilities wane, i.e. the color change is a saturation indicator. It can easily be used to protect products when in-process.

Available as bags, shrouds, sheets, rolls, trays and inserts. Various stock bags and rolls are readily available in 3 mil thickness. Custom gauges and sizes are also available on request.


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