Safe Antimicrobial INTERCEPT CU22 mask


The INTERCEPT CU22™ mask set functionality comes from the unique properties of INTERCEPT copper. Copper has been tested and proven to kill bacteria and viruses through contact.

INTERCEPT CU22 Mask set includes:

  • Machine washable mask (black or white) with inside pocket
  • One replacement INTERCEPT CU22 filter
  • Two cord-stoppers
  • INTERCEPT storage bag

Intercept CU22 logo mask model

Here's how it works:

Droplets containing bacteria and viruses adhere to the inner INTERCEPT CU22 layer and are killed through contact.* This active copper barrier provides the highest possible protection against corona and other viruses, and bacteria.

*ISO 18185 tested. JIS Z 2801 tested.



Stop the spread of viruses.  

intercept cu22 kit pieces


INTERCEPT CU22 masks protect you and your employees *

*Intercept CU22 Mouth-Nose Mask filter has been tested for filtration protection and active virus/bacterial killing performance, including coronavirus.


The INTERCEPT CU22 Mask Tie Straps with Pull Cord.

The high-performance air-permeable materials provide a dependable oxygen supply, resulting in less user fatigue.

INTERCEPT CU22 Mask FilterIntercept Cu22 Mask Active Bacteria-Virus Barrier







Custom colors, logos available upon request. Minimums apply to custom mask orders.

Intercept CU22 Filters can be used in any mask that has an inside pocket. 


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INTERCEPT CU22 Mask Filter with Natural Antimicrobial Copper