Intercept Scrim

Combining the protective power of Static Intercept® with the durability of scrim

Intercept Scrim being taped

Corrosion Protection

Intercept Scrim works by reacting with and permanently neutralizing corrosive gases, both inside and outside the containment, and will last 3-15 Years depending on material style, gauge, and the aggresiveness of the environment, though temperature will not affect its ability. Intercept Scrim also acts as both a fungus and a bacteria inhibitor. All this and yet Intercept Scrim does not use volatile chemicals and does not leave deposits on products. In fact as #4 plastic, Intercept Scrim is fully recyclable and even breaks down to polymer dust in a landfill which, along with its reusability, means its carbon footprint is low.

Intercept Scrim can protect:

  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Tin
  • Brass
  • Magnesium
  • Ferrous Metals (Iron and Steel)
  • Galvanic Couples (when in intimate contact)
  • Organics
  • Other non-metals
Static Protection

Intercept Scrim seal strengthIntercept Scrim is permanently anti-static, in the optimal surface resistivity range of 106 to 109 Ω/sq. It can also be manufactured custom in a range of 104 to 1011 Ω/sq. Intercept Scrim has a turn-on potential of 0.7 volts, making it perfect for Class 0 devices and will tribo charge to less than 20 volts. It also does not slough particles so it is excellent in a clean room environment. The electrical characteristics are independent of temperature and humidity. Intercept Scrim was tested with a 24 hour water shower test which also had no effect on its abilities. Intercept Scrim also does not contain any amine or amide based volatiles so it will not contaminate surfaces.

Outer layer 3 mil High UV Shrink / scrim is Polyester
Inner layer Static Intercept® Shrink Film (3 mil)
Total thickness 7 mil

Available as bags, sheets, shrouds, rolls, totes, lids, bins and laminating. 74" x 100' in stock. Custom gauges and sizes are also available; contact Liberty for more information.


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