Intercept Woven

Combining the protective power of Static Intercept® with the durability of woven cloth

Intercept Woven is durable yet easy to work with

Intercept Woven is a 20 mil thick, scrim reinforced, weather resistant, woven cloth that can be stitched and sealed into reusable packages. The Intercept Woven has been great for the automobile and construction equipment industries encouraging easy reusable/returnable packaging programs. With the ability to install handy package entries, Intercept woven can be used over and over again while keeping what is inside pristine for years if need be. Handy and safe for outdoor storage.


INTERCEPT® Woven offers a modern method that exactly addresses all these requirements.


Intercept Woven can protect large or small itemsThe Bell Labs invented Intercept Technology™ patented formula is thickly coated on one side and the white or green fabric will show on the other side. Since Intercept products are clean and safe, the products can be place inside clean and without protective oils, stay clean, and be ready when needed, right to the assembly line or placed in action. If protective oils are replaced by Intercept packaging, the facilities become cleaner and workers more safe and healthy. Intercept Technology™ is a tool to achieve greater operational efficiencies...simply better protection.


Smart conservation and packaging solutions for improved process costs with Intercept Woven.

Intercept Woven is perfect for outdoor storage of large and small equipment and other items.



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