INTERCEPT Technology™ packaging can save you money

Oil-Free Preservation and Protection

A look at how auto manufacturers saved money by switching to
Intercept Packaging

This presentation focuses on companies from the auto industry, but because Intercept is such a versatile material, companies from many different industries can save by switching to this advanced technology. INTERCEPT® particles are permanently bound to a polymer matrix and react with corrosive gases which are present in the atmosphere. Through this reaction, the inside of the package is neutralized of corrosive gases and permeating humidity is stripped of corrosive elements. Click here to learn more about how Intercept Technology works.

A Typical Scenario

  • A company shipping engine blocks between continents
  • Using an oil dip and VCI bag combination for corrosion protection
  • Looking for a cheaper, safer solution

The Solution

Intercept Packaging has many benefits

  • Eliminate oil dipping / stripping process
  • Re-usability
  • Decreased failure rates
  • Potential higher load volumes

Companies who have switched to Intercept from an oil dip and VCI bag combo have seen as much as 1.8 million Euro in savings per year.


Here are a few real situations where companies got real savings by switching to Intercept

Camshaft intake savings

Camshaft Intake chart shows major savings with Intercept

A company was shipping camshaft intakes in pallets of 150 parts with a packaging cost per part of 2.21 Euro. By switching to Intercept packaging, they were able to get rid of the price of the oiling and de-oiling bringing the packaging cost per part down to 0.71 Euro. They found additional savings with the switch because they were able to fit 340 parts to a pallet. With this higher load density the packaging cost per part came down to 0.41 Euro. The new pack also allowed more pallets to fit in a container creating another 0.26 Euro in savings.

That's a 93% savings in packaging cost


Other companies were rewarded with similar savings:

Cylinder block savings

This company made the switch and saved 68% on their packaging


Results from Cylinder Blocks show big savings with Intercept

Cylinder head savings

Here the switch to Intercept was worth 69% of their packaging cost

Results from Cylinder head packaging shows major savings with Intercept


A final breakdown of the advantages of using Intercept

  • Protects ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys, plastics, elastomers and some organic materials
  • Functional independent of temperature from -35C to +80C
  • Non out-gassing (awarded with occupational safety prize in 2005), recyclable and easy to dispose
  • No oiling and de-oiling necessary
  • Flexible protection period (2 to 15 years), re-usable (up to 5 years)
  • For direct contact as well as large air volumes (high load densities possible)
  • Long corrosion protection and ESD protection
  • Proven in numerous applications

Your results may vary, but let's get started

Intercept Packaging

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