Liberty Industrial Shrink Film

Unequaled tensile and elastic strength in this barrier film

* NOT Intercept Technology™

Liberty Industrial Shrink Film protects a HelicopterThe strength of Liberty Industrial Shrink Film is not only measured in tensile strength but also in film elasticity which is unequaled in the market today. A special blend of resins gives LISF the ability to resist punctures and tearing or become brittle in the cold weather, insuring your product is completely sealed from harsh weather.



A worker using a heat torch on Liberty Industrial Shrink FilmLiberty Industrial Shrink Film acts as a barrier from outside contaminates for all materials. Protects against:

  • UV
  • moisture
  • dirt
  • dust
  • grime
  • insects
  • animal nesting
  • minor physical damage

LISF is an Opaque Polyethylene Packaging Material made into large Rolls, bags, shrouds, and sheets. It is excellent for the environment in that it is #4 recyclable, reusable and has a low carbon footprint.

Liberty Industrial Shrink Film is perfect for boats, military hardware, industrial equipment, medical equipment, parts, buildings and structures.

Available as rolls, bags, shrouds and sheets.

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