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Comprehensive How To Shrink Wrap Video

Using Intercept Technology™ Corrosion Protection Plastic

Our Intercept colleagues at Intercept Australia, have produced a video showing best shrink wrapping practices. The real time video is 52 minutes long. It shows full double wrap techniques and procedures for protection of a fork lift.

The video demonstrates the use of Intercept Anti Corrosion Shrink film with a second extra layer of 200um UV shrink wrap for extended outdoor storage. This video includes best practices such as safe use of a heat gun, webbing, and buckle techniques; additionally the proper use of desiccant and how to apply a zippered window.

Technology Shrink Application Guidelines

General Guidelines for how many shrink film layers are recommended from the Intercept Technology™ Shrink Manual. Contact Liberty Packaging to request this 19 page manual.

Application Layers Comment
Indoors Single No UV degradation, single layer adequate for beyond 24 months storage
Outdoors < 12 months Single Single layer provides 12 months UV protection
Outdoors > 12 months Double Double layer increase UV resistance to beyond 24 months
Road - Metro area only Single Short duration journeys, moderate winds, limited chance of strike damage
Road - Open highway or unsealed roads headwinds can create Double Open highway speeds into headwinds can create 160+kmh winds. Stones, Birds and small branches are common minor strike events.
Ocean - top deck, open barge Double Open ocean winds can exceed 50 knots, significant winds can occur
Ocean - below decks Single No significant winds.