About Liberty Intercept

lpc_team_close.jpgLiberty Intercept, formerly known as Liberty Packaging, is a woman-owned small business located in Massachusetts. Liberty’s primary emphasis is the Intercept Technology™ line of packaging materials, which we provide to companies and institutions in the eastern portion of the United States, including the U.S. government. Liberty works closely with customers and prospects to qualify the proper packaging for their situation, whether Intercept or other types of industrial barrier packaging. We’ve aligned ourselves with approved packaging distributors who provide warehousing, packing and crating, and delivery services.

Liberty is one of the founding members of the Intercept Technology Group, which is made up of independent companies strategically located worldwide, dedicated to the advancement of Intercept Technology™ packaging.

Since our establishment in 1996, Liberty personnel have developed expertise in helping companies carefully choose packaging to solve challenges like these: product performance problems caused by corrosion/rust, electrostatic discharge, fungus growth, contamination issues, worker safety in packing rooms, and product integrity within a supply chain.

Statue of Liberty with scaffoldingJohn Franey analyzing the Statue of LibertyThe Liberty Intercept name was chosen for two reasons. First and foremost is that our major product line was a serendipitous artifact of the Statue of Liberty restoration. John Franey, of Bell Labs, invented Intercept Technology™. Prior to his Intercept Technology™ invention, John had been a lead copper corrosion engineer in the Statue of Liberty restoration project. John developed a uniform patina seeding transplantation process for Lady Liberty to be applied on the replaced copper panels. In a matter of weeks the clean copper panels were transformed into copper panels with a magnificent natural patina green. This patina typically takes thirty years of natural aging to color. By using a reversal process of this seeding, Intercept Technology™ was created.

The second reason is that utilizing the Intercept Technology™ packaging materials allows folks the “liberty” to ship products anywhere, safely.