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Static Intercept®

The most widely used form of Intercept Technology™, Static Intercept® acts as a corrosion barrier for all metals and other materials, and provides Electrostatic Discharge protection while also preventing fungus and bacteria. An opaque polyethylene or polypropylene packaging, it comes as bags, shrouds, sheets, rolls, totes, lids, and bins, with laminating also an option. Non-contaminating, monolayer and fully recyclable


Corrosion Intercept®

Corrosion Intercept® is the optimal corrosion and tarnish protection, providing 3-15 years of protection depending on aggressiveness of environment. Corrosion Intercept® is perfect for light industrial application, museum, archival, and retail applications. CI is nonvolatile, clean and safe protection.

Intercept Shrink Film

Intercept Shrink Film combines the protection capabilities of Static Intercept® with the usability of shrink film. With all the power of Static Intercept®, Intercept Shrink Film is designed for wrapping large equipment to ship anywhere in the world. Available as bags, shrouds, sheets and rolls.


Intercept Scrim

Intercept Scrim is a re-inforced version of Static Intercept®, providing all the same corrosion and ESD protection with added durability for the toughest situations. Available as rolls.

Intercept Woven

Intercept Woven is a woven cloth version of Static Intercept®, re-inforced by a scrim center, which can be stitched or sealed. It is perfect for automobile and construction equipment, allowing for reuse and returnable packaging programs. Available as rolls.


Intercept Fabric

Intercept Fabric combines the optimal protection of Static Intercept® with a tough, laminated, weather-resistant fabric. Available as pouches, covers, shrouds and rolls.

Corrosion Intercept® Clarity

CI Clarity combines the protection of Corrosion Intercept® with versatility and sleek look of plastic polymers. Available as bags, shrouds, sheets and rolls.

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Reusable Pouches

With an Intercept reusable pouch, your operation will have corrosion and electrostatic discharge protection to protect its valuable parts and electronics.


Perfect for delicate electronics, RIBS MVTR combines corrosion, ESD and EMI protection all in one packaging material. It is non-volatile, clean and safe and is available as bags, shrouds, sheets and rolls.


RIBS Ultra

The ultimate in protection, RIBS Ultra combines corrosion protection, ESD protection and Electromagnetic Interference protection, making it the best packaging for the most delicate of electronics. RIBS Ultra can be heat sealed and is available as bags, shrouds, sheets and rolls.

AT Film

AT Film provides long-term, stable ESD protection which is unaffected by humidity, making it ideal for short term shipping of delicate electronics. Available as bags, shrouds, sheets and rolls.


AT Flame Retardant

AT Flame Retardant film combines the anti-static power of AT film with a NASA-approved flame retardant, making it perfect for situations where static protection is needed in an area with flame or sparks. Available as bags, shrouds, sheets and rolls.

Liberty Industrial Shrink Film

Barrier film with unequaled tensile and elastic strength. Perfect for boats, military hardware, industrial equipment, medical equipment, parts, buildings and structures. Available as rolls, sheets, shrouds and bags.


Hull Tape

This tape combines a heavy duty, weather resistant polyethylene backing with a nonstaining, clean removal, rubber based adhesive.

Intercept Technology Message Tape

Introducing Intercept Technology™ “corrosion protection” message yellow tape. The purpose of this tape is to be wrapped around the finished Intercept package informing anyone who sees it that the product inside is protected from corrosion. The message is printed on the sturdy, high tack, high visibility yellow plastic tape which has the Intercept Technology™ logo printed on it followed by a message in 6 different languages.