Liberty Intercept Video Library

Introduction to Intercept Technology™

Learn about innovative Intercept Technology™.


Learn about the natural process of corrosion and the best ways to prevent it.

Electro-Static Discharge

Learn about ESD and how it can affect electronics.

John Franey on Recyclability

John Franey describes how Intercept Technology™ is not only re-usable, but also recyclable.

The Advantages of Intercept

President Elaine Spitz gives a tour of the advantages of Intercept Technology™.

Guitar String Corrosion

Liberty Intercept's Greg Spitz talks about how guitar strings can corrode and how Intercept packaging can save them.

Environmental Advantages of Intercept

President Elaine Spitz describes the environmental advantages of using Intercept.

Intercept is Oil-Free

President Elaine Spitz interviews expert Keith Donaldson about how Intercept packaging is oil-free.

Intercept Packaging is Versatile

President Elaine Spitz talks about the versatility of Intercept packaging.