Custom Kitting

Each preservation Kit provided by Liberty Intercept is designed to preserve a specific part or multiple parts, unit, or piece of equipment placed inside Intercept protection.

Kit Contents:

  • Intercept protection; bag, cover, shroud, sheets based on best Intercept practice
  • Correct amount of Desiccants
  • Informational Labels
  • Tapes needed
  • Heat sealable Access doors and windows
  • Step by step instruction sheet

Optional Contents:

  • Additional generic shrink film for a double wrap *needed for outdoor storage
  • Intercept Foam
  • Intercept Protective Pads
  • Heat torches and equipment are available

Note: Any unit/item placed in any Intercept product be clean, dry, and contamination free. The use of any VCI products is not recommended if utilizing Intercept Technology. Please ensure that any coatings are cleared by Liberty Intercept for use in conjunction with Intercept Technology.

Kitting Case Study Using Intercept Scrim
(other Intercept materials available)

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