Intercept Portable Hangar

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Intercept Portable Hangar is perfect for protecting planes and large vehicles
Industry Military
Type of Applicatio Physical and corrosion protection for deployed aircraft
Project Details Portable hangar and hangar liner to provide continued protection against corrosion and degradation
Previous Problems Airplane components were not functioning properly due to corrosion and physical damage
Revised Packaging Solution A portable (and a different model is free standing) hangar liner that can move with the airplane to various locations to provide physical protection from the elements, weather and sand, as well as corrosion protection for sensitive components
Benefits and Improvement This hangar provides a portable method to provide physical and corrosion/degradation protection to airplanes during deployment. Additionally, the liner comes with a ventilation system that dehumidifies the inside of the hangar during storage.
The Intercept Portable Hangar is the easiest way to quickly protect large vehicles from harsh environments