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Packaging: Your Economic Moat

Posted by Elaine Spitz on Jul 16, 2014 11:20:00 PM

Value Proposition: a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide, for whom, and how you do so in a way that is unique from your competitors. It describes your target buyer, the problem you solve, and why you're distinctly better than any alternative.*

Economic Moat: a term coined and popularized by Warren Buffet, refers to a business' ability to maintain an advantage over its competitors to protect long-term profitability and market share from competing firms.**

The following short video illustrates how a small sacrifice can lead to a big win:

*From Forbes 4 Steps to Building a Compelling Value Proposition

**From Investopedia What Is an Economic Moat?

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Intercept Technology Packaging products fit within a sustainability strategy because they are reusable, recyclable, do not contain or use volatile components (No VOCs, Not a VCI) and leave a smaller carbon footprint than most traditional protective packaging products.  

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