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Packaging Waste: Do Consumers Care?

Posted by Elaine Spitz on Apr 28, 2011 4:31:00 AM

According to a recent L.A. Times article, Wasteful Packaging: Do consumers care?, fewer American consumers now believe they should be responsible for recycling packaging materials than they did in 2009. This seems counter-intuitive to me considering all the public discourse about packaging waste available on a daily basis. On Twitter and StumbleUpon, in blog posts and news articles, there is much ado about packaging and packaging waste. Driving through my neighborhood on trash pickup day I see evidence that, at least locally, people are recycling more and throwing away less.

Perhaps more of the responsiblity for reduce, reuse, recycle in terms of packaging should be passed on to the manufacturers who design and execute the packaging of consumer products. New packaging comes to market daily, protecting goods to meet consumer demand - the packaging waste issue is being addressed by manufacturers as it affects their profits. Actions speak louder than words and the consumer speaks with dollars spent. What it sounds like to me is that more and more consumers seek eco-friendly or recyclable items and packaging that is convenient and affordable.

From what I can tell, many consumers care about packaging waste, but they must rely on manufacturers to make the right choices.

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