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Posted by Elaine Spitz on Feb 14, 2012 10:39:00 AM

@laineyd7 on TwitterI’ve been a Twitter participant/enthusiast for about three years. For the uninitiated, Twitter is an online social networking service which claims 300 million users as of last April and continues to grow. With four Twitter profiles and upwards of 12,000 Tweets combined I can tell you, truly, I learn something each day from my fellow Tweeters. Let me share a few useful tidbits I’ve gleaned about packaging, converting, manufacturing, safety, sales, marketing, and customer service on Twitter.

Packaging: from @packagingdiva (JoAnn Hines), if you share a packaging challenge with The Diva and her connections, you will solve it quickly, making myriad new friends along the way.

Customer Service: from @thesaleslion (Marcus Sheridan), if you’re bold, decisive and make your blog content useful for your audience, you’ll rapidly gain and maintain customer loyalty. Another premium customer service role model is @Zappos (Zappos Shoes Online)

Safety: from @ToyotaEquipment (Kyle Thill), safety in the workplace must be an ongoing discussion - even if your workplace is incident-free - new machinery and equipment requires updated operator training. Their lives (and your reputation) depend upon it.

Converting: from @ConvertingCurmudgeon (Mark Spaulding), the converting, labeling and printing industries are exciting beyond belief.....for proof, you need look no further than the beautiful holographic toothpaste cartons in your local pharmacy.

Manufacturing: from @habasit_america (Allison Cox), sharing manufacturing information that includes more than simply what's happening in your own back yard (in Allison’s case, conveyor belts) gains you respect and makes your job more fun.

Sales: from @BobPoole (Bob Poole), sales has nothing to do with aggression, pushiness, and angst. It has everything to do with trust, sharing, and treating your prospects and customers the way you’d have them treat your Mom....on her birthday.

Marketing: from @ChrisBrogan (Chris Brogan), it’s okay to be human and truthful. If you remain committed to openness and kindness, and are willing to have the difficult conversation when the occasion presents itself, your audience will respect and trust you.

These intelligent people and many more respected Twitter connections provide daily thought-provoking information, 140 characters at a time. I consider them co-workers, life coaches, professors and peers.

If you or your company have a Twitter presence (if not, please consider it), I recommend following my list of Packaging on Twitter for engaging conversation on retail and industrial packaging. And I'd be honored if you'd follow me: @laineyd7 

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