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Packaging and the Protection of Wildlife

Posted by Elaine Spitz on Apr 3, 2012 10:44:00 PM

The Wild Animal SanctuaryAs a founding member of the Intercept Technology Group, dedicated to the promotion of the unique Intercept Technology Packaging materials, we're pleased to be part of this worthy endeavor: Intercept Technology Group Supports the Protection of Wildlife

Nestled in the plains overlooking the majestic Colorado Rockies is a 720 acre sanctuary that is home to over 300 rescued Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolves and other large carnivores. The INTERCEPT Technology Group (ITG) has donated to this organization in order to help in its mission to rescue these captive exotic and endangered large carnivores.

Visiting a Cheetah Preserve in South Africa helped highlight the critical fight in protecting our vanishing animals and protecting the environment that we all live in.
The Wild Animal Sanctuary can be found at  

Director of the Intercept Technology Group Keith Donaldson, stated: "we support wildlife and a cleaner environment, as shown not only by our actions but also by our products allowing for the protection of assets without the use of volatiles, non-reusable, non-recyclable packaging and by the elimination of the use of protective oils which are environmentally damaging and expensive to apply and even more environmentally damaging and expensive to remove."

For a short video about a better choice of packaging materials, Intercept Technology Packaging: Heavy Duty Barrier Packaging by Intercept Technology.

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Intercept Technology Packaging products fit within a sustainability strategy because they are reusable, recyclable, do not contain or use volatile components (No VOCs, Not a VCI) and leave a smaller carbon footprint than most traditional protective packaging products.  

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