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Oil-Free Packaging for Corrosion Prevention - Is It Better?

Posted by Elaine Spitz on Jul 26, 2011 6:33:00 AM

Metal Part in Static Intercept BagWhen it comes to packaging, you have a lot to consider. Materials, design, cost, and all kinds of other considerations come into play when deciding which types of packaging would best suit your needs. When you're shipping metal parts and other costly items, or when you're looking for packaging that offers corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture, and/or product and worker-safe solutions, you have even more considerations to make.

There is another question that you will probably need to ask, and answer, before you make the decision. Is oil-free corrosion protection (we’ll call it oil-free packaging going forward) better?

There's no one answer to the question 'is oil-free packaging better?'. So let's look at all the reasons you might have for considering this option when making your decision:

One major consideration is the environment. With so many companies 'going green' these days, and with packaging being one of their biggest concerns, you'll be glad to know that oil-free packaging is considered an environmentally responsible choice. It's not only a greener choice though - it also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. Cost reduction also plays a role in choosing oil-free packaging. Instead of requiring several types of packaging, when leaving out the oil, you can solve your packaging problems with just one product, reducing material and production costs. Corrosion resistance: high tech oil-free packaging solutions are highly corrosion resistant, and offer protection against fungus, bacteria and moisture, making them a flexible and versatile packaging solution.

Less packaging means less storage space is needed. Because oil-free packaging allows you to do away with supplemental packaging requirements in many cases, it also means that you require less storage space for your packaging materials.

Finding solutions to complex packaging problems, for precise and highly corrosive materials, while still adhering to cost, safety and environmental concerns is a delicate balancing act, however, when you choose “oil-free packaging”, you remove some of the problems you would ordinarily face.

So when it comes to the question 'is oil-free packaging better?' the answer is yes - if you need a sound solution, that addresses a variety of issues associated with packaging and shipping delicate parts, equipment and components. Consider oil-free corrosion protection as a better solution to your packaging needs.

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