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Barrier Packaging Training in Boston

Posted by Joe Spitz on Jan 17, 2012 6:45:00 AM

Boston Massachusetts State House NighttimeWe had just finished our Intercept packaging training program and all the satisfied guests were headed back to their Friday afternoon routines, save one, Liberty’s Tennessee representative, Steve.  He had flown in from Nashville and was approaching the third evening of his stay. In his previous occupation, Steve was a Budweiser sales representative and can tell you anything you could possibly want to know about beer; okay I think you get it, Steve is fun.  Let’s go to Boston.  Elaine, Steve, and I jumped into the Volvo and drove directly to the best value in the City of Boston: the city-run parking garage under the Boston Common.

We strolled through the Boston Common, with the last rays of sunlight reflecting off the public Gardens, the strong red brick buildings lining the parks on one side, beautiful hotels on the other, and the majestic gold dome of the State House in front of us. The historical memorials and statues, the outdoor ice skating rink, the green, the trees, courteous people on the paved paths, the charm; all reminded me how proud I am to be a Bostonian. 

Boston truly is a magnificent city with many things to visit, to see, to do, to learn, to eat, and to drink.  As a local and having worked in the Boston/Cambridge area as a supply salesman for the food business for many years, I have my favorite activities and sections of the city to visit.  Maybe because of the ease of putting the car to rest, I enjoy a saunter around the Common and Public Garden; most certainly in the warmer months when families mill about for various activities in the parks, such as the Swan Boats and outdoor movie night.  Sometimes Elaine and I will take a walk, see a movie, then enjoy a drink and light dinner at one of the fancy hotels or numerous restaurants.  With Steve by our side, it was a walk, no movie, a drink, a lot of laughs, and fun personal and business conversation at the bar of an opulent hotel, then off to nearby Legal Seafoods for tasty delights for which Boston is well known. From there, a brisk stroll to earn our dessert and coffee and hear a little cabaret music. Followed by a walk back by way of Newbury Street, Boston’s high end retail shopping street, through the pristine and beautiful public gardens to the car, neatly and safely kept.

It occurred to me how fortunate we are to have the City of Boston so close by.  I know we will probably bring our training program on the road to various cities in the Eastern half of the U.S. for a while, but it sure would be nice instead to have representatives come here for our Intercept training and to experience this area. There is so much to share. Let me show youHarvard Square! Wait, don’t go; don’t you want to see where General Washington stayed during the Battle of Boston in 1776?

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