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More Than Just Fire Retardant Film

Posted by Joe Spitz on Dec 17, 2018 12:48:50 PM

AT-Flame-RetardantLately, we have had more requests for our fire retardant film, known as AT-FR. The most unique aspect of this NASA tested and approved AT-FR is that not only is the plastic film a clean halogen-free fire retardant (FR) polyethylene film, but it also dissipates static charges or arcing. Isn’t that smart, not only to prevent fires after ignition, but also aiding as a barrier in preventing fire from igniting in the first place. Being static dissipative, AT-FR is great for keeping electronic devices safe from electrostatic damage (ESD).

Let’s step back for a moment to review. Some plastics run the risk of igniting, so FR-additive films prevent both ignition and flame-spread, which can prolong escape time; obviously very important for safety reasons. Typically FR films and products are used by ship builders, construction companies, aerospace companies, and militaries in areas where work must be accomplished in small spaces, or where welding sparks can ignite supporting materials. Halogen-free FR products, which are fully compliant with European RoHS and REACH regulations, provide a viable alternative to using traditional halogenated FR additives, particularly for applications in electrical & electronics, building, and transportation interior markets. Halogen-type FR films are considered environmentally challenging.

Halogen-type FR films are considered environmentally challenging.

Other advantages of using halogen-free FR additives include lower smoke generation, making them ideal for enclosed space applications. They also reduce the quantity of material used, thereby lowering the product cost. As with AT-FR, halogen-free FR properties can be combined with other compounding technologies, such as static dissipation, providing additional functionality to solve multiple problems with a single product solution.

AT-FR has been:

✓ tested by NASA and meets the flammability test specifications – NHM 8060.1 1981, Test #1 (upward propagation test)

✓ Meets NASA Hypergolic Compatibility Testing

✓ Manufactured with a Surface Resistivity of 109 to 1011 ohms/sq with a long, stable ESD life - tested in both real time and accelerated conditions

✓ Electrical properties relatively unaffected by even low humidity levels; low tribo-electric charging (static generating) on both quartz and Teflon

✓ Can be processed for clean room compatibility

✓ Specially formulated to reduce anti-stat migration keeping AT contamination free

✓ The LF8900-C combines long-term anti-static protection with V-0 flame retardant (UL Flammability rating) for all applications.

5 mil thick AT-FR P/N LF8900 is available in rolls, sheets, bags, and shrouds.

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