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Game on: Egg vs Peanut; Intercept Packaging vs Nature's Packaging

Posted by Joe Spitz on Oct 15, 2013 1:58:00 PM

Fallen Egg Friend by lilinekoVery early in my career in packaging, my boss said, “nature’s egg is the best packaging ever”.  Knowing what I do now, I think, “what are you nuts? (foreshadowing!); no way”. Sure, the eggshell may maintain freshness, but the shell is so fragile that only because of man’s innovation in creative packaging has it been that the egg can be transported, stored, and sold to consumers with limited breaking and spoiling. Without man’s packaging solutions, the egg would only stay local to the chicken farmer and his immediate community. Custom packaging manufacturing has allowed the egg to be raised in one location and safely shared all around the globe.

Now consider the peanut and its natural package. The peanut shell is tough, but not so tough as to be impregnable; just a little finger/thumb pressure and BAM, there is your fresh delicious protein-filled treat. It even naturally has a paper liner around the edible portion, just to keep the nut pristine. If the paper were to be consumed, no big deal, it’s not my favorite part, but it does not harm the enjoyment of this snack. Man has applied heat by roasting the peanut and, my personal favorite, added salt to the roasted peanut whereby the outside packaging shell/barrier allows just enough salt to permeate perfectly through.

Man has also, of course, contributed much to the transportation and storage packaging, in which peanuts are shipped in boxes or tubs or in bulk to then be portioned out in smaller increments in flexible film bags or into paper bags, as the vendors do outside Fenway Park or any baseball park. The peanut doesn't bruise like the banana’s natural package, doesn’t easily break like the egg, is easily accessible unlike the coconut; I challenge anyone to name a better package from nature.  Now of course there is the matter of shells and papers on the sofa, carpet or floor and I am reminded of that each time the vacuum cleaner is brought out after my enjoyment, but that problem exists from the foam packaging supports when opening a new computer or printer box, as well.

In the larger scheme, industrial packaging beats nature’s packaging in almost every situation.  Manufacturers can open nature’s shells, place the product in creative packaging, maybe a barrier film and/or vacuum seal and store for months, sometimes even years. 

Our packaging of choice, Intercept Technology packaging, will inhibit the natural process of corrosion on all materials, dissipate the smallest electrical shocks, or stop mold and mildew growth in the harshest wet and polluted environments for many years. For example, in a field report shared with us, easily-corrodible guitar strings sat in hurricane-flooded warehouse inside Intercept packaging and remained pristine, without corrosion, ready for use.

Top that, Mother Nature.

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Funny egg photo by Lilineko

Intercept Technology Packaging products fit within a sustainability strategy because they are reusable, recyclable, do not contain or use volatile components (No VOCs, Not a VCI) and leave a smaller carbon footprint than most traditional protective packaging products.  

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